Changing Your Profile Image

Photo Idō is built using WordPress, which uses a free service called Gravatar for profile images. If you register your email address with Gravatar we will automatically pull in your Gravatar image as your profile image. Be sure to use the same email address used with your Photo Idō account. Sign up for Gravatar here. Otherwise, you can upload your profile image here.

Access Your Virtual ID Fast

We recommend using your devices “Add to Homescreen” feature. If you use Google or Apple’s password manager or a service like 1Password, then you can securely save your passwords and quickly log in. By doing so, you can open Photo Idō with a tap on your phone, then log in using your password manager. Modern devices use either fingerprints or facial recognition to unlock the password manager and fill in the username and password. Technology is awesome, isn’t it?

I have a question

Please get in touch with Scott by visiting the Contact page and completing the form.

How do I unsubscribe from push notifications?

Our push notifications are driven by a service called One Signal. Click here to view their instructions on unsubscribing.

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