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Wherever you are making photographs, Photo Idō is there to help you get good deals from the stores you love.


Our mission is to create a global directory of family-oriented camera stores who love the ever-growing community of photographers.

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22 Participating Camera Stores


Photo Idō is comprised of photographers and retail stores to cater to photographers.


The Photo Idō community will receive flash sales from retailers in addition to the ongoing member deals.



Photo Idō can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year at your favorite local camera retailers.

In Store

Photo Idō supports in-store buying from independent, mom and pop, brick and mortar stores.

What does Photo Idō mean?

Idō is pronounced “Ee Doh” and is the Japanese word for movement. As photographers travel the world, photographing places, clients and other stories to be told, there are times when a new piece of equipment is needed. There are times when a memory card fails, or an extra battery was forgotten. That’s where Photo Idō comes in. Wherever you are moving, and flexing your photography skills, Photo Idō has an independent retail store offering you a discount.

Why only independent brick and mortar stores?

Although we all buy products from big box stores and large online retailers who do not need naming, we at Photo Idō believe in the independent stores. The moms and dads who spend their lives building a beautiful family owned and operated business. We also believe that photographers should shop at physical stores, and speak to the people there. It’s good for the business, but it’s also good for you and your networking.

Who is behind Photo Idō?

My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz. I’m a photographer in New Jersey, on the East Coast of the United States. Straight out of college I worked for a small retail store in New Jersey, and while I have moved on I have watched the photography industry change. Photographers are now buying their equipment from big box stores and online retailers. My love for independent stores was my inspiration for creating Photo Idõ.

I was pricing out lenses yesterday

not only was the local store cheaper on the lens I want, they advised me to hold off because rebates will be available soon. So yeah, local is a good thing!

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